Additional Services


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When you hire a doula you open the doors to a myriad resources, as it’s part of a doula’s job to be well-connected to other professionals in the industry, knowledgeable about locally/virtually available services, and committed to a lifelong of learning. 

Doulas come from all walks of life and have collected a diverse array of skills along the way. Our passion for all things family, birth, and pregnancy-related means we often undertake additional trainings in these areas. 

Here you will find complementary services provided by our doulas. 


Oisin Schots 

Childbirth Education Classes 

(Take to 



Ceara McManus 

Childbirth Educator, 

 @ceara_childbirtheducator_doula pages on fb and insta. 

087 346 4054 


Bairbre Brooke 

gentlebirth instructor, birth trauma resolution practitioner 


Kitty Hackel 

also offer private and group antental classes, hypnobirthing classes ,preparing to breastfeed classes and lactation consultations both before and after baby arrives. 


Tricia Nugent 

Babywearing Consultant  


Cloth products for babies and menstruation 


Anita O’Sullivan Wharton 

Soma Wellness  


Maternity Reflexology, 

Holistic Massage, 

Pregnancy Massage, 

MamaRising Pregnancy Circle 

MamaRising Blessings 


Germaine Creevy 

Massage therapy 

Pregnancy massage, 

Antenatal Ireland educator in person and online 

087 419 4222