The DAI’s Hardship Fund

Birth and Postpartum Doulas firmly believe that every person or family who needs support during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, should receive support. However, we understand hiring such support privately is not a viable option for many. In order to make these essential services more accessible, the DAI has developed the Hardship Fund, a programme for those interested in hiring a doula but who are unable to do so due to financial constraints. Client and doula apply together for the Hardship Fund, so if you feel you might benefit from this service, please contact a doula in your area directly and inquire about applying.

Give a little. Helps a lot.

We rely on donations to provide these services, so the more funds we raise the more families we can support!

If you would like to help us continue doing this work and showing up for those most vulnerable in our communities, please consider making a donation of any amount to our Hardship Fund.

Free Doula Support

During the covid-19 pandemic period, we are striving to make sure that everyone feels safe and confident. If you have questions or concerns you can avail of a free 20 minute consultation with one of our professional doulas.

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