My name is Sinéad Murphy, I’m based in Naas, Co. Kildare where I live with my husband and our three daughters. After staying at home with my daughters since the birth of our 3rd girl, in 2023 I went on to train as a postpartum doula with Krysia Lynch from and then to set up Cara Doula Support. 

There are two reasons why I chose this name, firstly Cara is my eldest daughters name, and is the one who made me a mother; and secondly as Cara is the Irish word for “friend” I wanted to convey the feeling that I will be your ally and friend during this postpartum journey, and someone that you feel you can lean on for support. It is a wonderful, magical time in a parents life, but can also be quite challenging and one thing I am greatly passionate about is preparing both parents for the postpartum period, helping them to understand the changes that are going to occur in every aspect of their lives and empowering them to step into this new phase of their life with confidence. 

I offer a comprehensive postpartum planning workshop before the birth, in which parents are encouraged to think about how they will approach things like nutrition, sleep, infant feeding, emotional wellbeing and time for self, matrescence, parental roles, household responsibilities, visitors, sibling care and anything else they would like to explore.

I also offer a range of different options for postpartum care and my values as a postpartum doula include treating both parents with compassion and kindness and ensuring you feel cared for during these early days and weeks after your baby is born. My own postpartum experience is what ultimately led me to train as a doula and I understand the isolation that can be felt during this time, particularly if you don’t have a “village” to support you, as is the case in many families, including my own. My aim is to empower you to put the supports in place for yourself and your family to make the transition to parenthood that little bit easier and to be your ally during the fourth trimester, holding space for the new mother and new parents as they grow into their new life as a family.

Skills & Interests:

Trained in breastfeeding support with

Postpartum Care

Training as a Cuidiu Parent Supporter (Peer Support)

Volunteer with Cuidiu toddler playgroup

Batch cooking nutritious meals

Areas/Hospitals Covered

Kildare and surrounding counties (up to 45 mins from Naas)