Hi I’m Barbara, mammy to two young children. I have a huge passion for motherhood since having my own babies and I love supporting other women on their journey. I have a background in social care but decided to become a postpartum doula after having my second baby and completed my training with DoulaCare Ireland. I realised that very few people have that “village” of support that is often talked about when raising children. I want mothers to feel held during those early postpartum days so they can focus on themselves and their new baby.

I am also a fully qualified nutritional therapist with a special interest in postpartum nutrition and supporting women’s health in general. As a postpartum doula one of my many goals is to prepare delicious, nourishing foods for you and your family that will also support your recovery.

I am a breastfeeding advocate and a Cuidiu trained breastfeeding counsellor. If you choose to breastfeed, I can provide non-judgemental support and evidence-based information to help you reach your breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be.

I run Hypnobirthing courses in Co. Louth, empowering women to have a positive birth experience and make decisions during pregnancy and birth that are right for you and your baby.

My goal is to support women from pregnancy right through to birth and postpartum. I offer different types of support both online and in person in Louth & parts of Monaghan, Cavan and Meath.

Skills & Interests:

Hypnobirthing Instructor

Antenatal Educator

Nutritional Therapist (DipNT)

Cuidiu Breastfeeding Counsellor

Birth Reflections Facilitator

Areas/Hospitals Covered

Louth, parts of Monaghan, Cavan and Meath