Fionnuala Doherty


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After struggling with my own postpartum issues I was in search of answers and healing. I came across the Newborn Mothers Collective where Julia Jones educated on the care and needs of a mother in postpartum. I had never heard of a Doula before and I was enthralled on her knowledge of Babybrain and the neurology of a mothers brain post birth. I was hooked and signed up to her course to train as a postpartum doula. From here she introduced me to Maranda Bower, founder and CEO of the postpartum university. My educational background was in food science and Maranda taught about the specific nutritional needs of a mother for her healing and depleted body post birth. Again my interest was piqued and I trained with Maranda to become a postpartum nutrition coach. I continue to do courses with the postpartum university to upskill my knowledge on the needs and best care practices for mothers in this sacred time.

My goal is to provide non-medical, physical and emotional support to help your emotional and physical recovery. I will provide you with nutritional knowledge and sleep support to rebalance your hormones to help prevent possible Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMADs). I have also trained as a life
coach so I will hold space for you, as your support person, your confidant, your cheerleader, your friend, your fellow mum. Every mothers journey is unique and I offer to tailor my assistance to help you reach your own parenting goals and step into motherhood with confidence.

Unfortunately in Ireland there are few services available to deal with birth trauma and postpartum issues. I will support you to become equipped with the necessary knowledge and positive care that I found helped me with these issues.

I also will do some batch cooking and make some postpartum friendly snacks. Other postpartum care services I offer are belly-binding, vaginal steaming and massage. I have learned from studying postpartum care in so many other cultures that a mothers care and nurturing in the initial weeks post birth is paramount to her successful healing journey so she can ease into motherhood with the joy and serenity that was intended for her. In todays world we do not have the traditional support of the village like our grandmothers would have had. From studying old traditions it is evident that we were never meant to do it alone and unfortunately most women do not have that support. It is my aim to bridge that gap to allow you the time to heal and fall in love with your baby, partner and other children again. I’m all about the Oxytocin. I am passionate about encouraging families to slow down and embrace the sacredness of the 4th trimester. I am humbled to serve mothers during this precious time in their lives.

Skills & Interests:

Postpartum Nutrition

Swedish massage

Metameric massage

Baby massage


Vaginal Steaming

EFT Tapping


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