Project Description

Eleanor Farrell


(085) 167-1598

Hi, I’m Eleanor.

I live in Kilcoole with my husband Wayne and two children Ella & Bailey.

After two totally different postpartum experiences myself and listening to other women’s stories, I have come to appreciate the value of support, encouragement & a little TLC during the early days of a new family’s journey. This inspired me to research into and become a postpartum Doula to help nurture families to grow and thrive.

As a Postpartum Doula I feel that families both new and growing should feel Minded, Nurtured and Cared For during the precious early days and weeks, not only from a practical, emotional & informational perspective. I’m passionate about encouraging families to really slow down and embrace the fourth trimester as it’s such a sacred time.

Skills & Interests:

  • Massage
  • Indian head and neck
  • Postpartum nutrition
  • Understanding your babies cues/bonding

Areas/Hospitals Covered

North Wicklow and Dublin