Hiring A Doula

Finding the right doula for you should not be hard, but as an essential part of your birthing team, you want to make sure you cover all bases. So here’s some guidance on important factors which you may want to take into consideration.

Your doula will be supporting you through one of life’s most powerful experiences, one that is intimate and intense both physically and emotionally. So when meeting a prospective doula, it’s important that you and your partner:


  • Feel secure and understood

  • Know that the doula is there to help you stand at the centre of this experience

  • Trust their knowledge of the birthing process

  • Trust that they are ready to provide you and your partner with whole-hearted support.


  • Feel judged by your doula

  • Feel pressured to make specific choices

  • Feel undermined by your doula’s knowledge or experience

  • Feel like the doula is the most important person in the room



Interviewing A Doula

During your initial phone chat, and the in-person meeting, you will have the chance to tell the doula a bit about your expectations, the support you’re looking for, and if interviewing a birth doula, the birth you envision for your baby. This is also your opportunity to learn a bit about them.

To assist you in making a decision, here are a few questions you may wish to ask your doula when you meet them:

  • What training and courses have you undertaken?

  • What is your certification status?

  • Are you a member of an accredited association?

  • How can you help me achieve the birth I envision?

  • Have you attended births at the hospital we are going to (or home births, if applicable)?

  • Can you describe the service that you provide?

  • Do you use a contract?

  • Do you have a back-up doula? If yes, can I meet or have a phone call with them?

  • How many times will we meet before the birth?

  • Will you make any postpartum visits?

  • When do you consider yourself *on-call* 24/7 for us?

  • How early are you available to support me once labour starts? Do we have to wait until a certain stage?

  • Are phone, text, and email support available before I go into labour?

  • What does your fee include? Is there a time limit or added fees if I have an unexpectedly long labour?

Why a DAI Doula?

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